Salary Report 2024

Our 2024 Salary and Market Insights report is here! We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the latest salary figures so you can benchmark your earning potential against the industry standard.

Whether you are a jobseeker looking to take the next step in your careers or a hiring manager focusing on making strategic hiring decisions, our Salary Report provides a solid foundation to aid in making an informed decision.

What’s Included

  • Over 100 salary ranges across 5 industries
  • Market Insights & Hiring trends for 2024
  • Benefits & Rewards Review
  • Expert advice from our team of specialist Talent Partners
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A message from our Director

Whilst the Irish economy is not without its challenges this year – high inflation, the housing crisis, talent shortages, experts predict solid growth in 2024 – employment is already at a record high, and is expected to grow further, by 1.6%, in the coming year. While this is great news for most, the buoyant employment market does present a challenge when it comes to talent acquisition. 79% of companies are having difficulties filling niche and specialist roles. 60% of employees say they are expecting a promotion this year. It is a new era – employees are working to live – not living to work. Companies need to highlight opportunities and invest in further internal mobility to keep their employees. Companies need to promote a culture of continuous improvement.


Increasingly, candidates with in-demand skillsets have more choice and bargaining power than ever before, and employers need to look at talent sustainable solutions to attract and retain these candidates. This is an underlying trend seen in each of Sonas Technical’s served markets (Pharma & Life Sciences, Construction, Civil Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing and Energy, Water & Telecoms) and underpinned through discussions with our candidates. The jobseekers who are in the marketplace are willing to spend a bit more time finding “the right fit” and are prepared to wait for it. Therefore time to hire for companies has increased.


That means companies need to improve their attractiveness to skilled candidates by investing in training and advancement opportunities, upskilling employees, and making new job opportunities more candidate friendly with benefits like hybrid working and flexible hours. Addressing cost of living issues and the impact this can have on an employee’s well-being is key and part of this flexible working approach, candidates may now live further away from their employment for cost purposes but providing that flexibility around hours and remote working opportunities will ease this dilemma for employees and continue to allow them to take up opportunities.


This is why it is so important within your talent strategies to work with trusted vendors to identify qualified candidates and expand your reach and search capabilities. Partnership is key here as the more invested you are with your vendor the higher yielding results that will follow. Many companies are looking to solidify their agency relationships with exclusive partnerships and dedicated talent solutions that suit their needs. Attracting and retaining top talent while maintaining profitability and addressing employee concerns will be crucial for employers looking to succeed in a dynamic environment.


With levels of uncertainty remaining within the economy and the employment market, resilience and adapting to changing conditions is key for both employers and job seekers this year.


Tanya Rampaul

Talent Solutions Director

Sonas Technical