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Find the next great leader to take your organisation to the top

How we can Help

At Sonas Technical, our Executive Search approach allows us to work closely with our clients to identify and recruit highly experienced, quality candidates for senior and C-Suite roles to bring their organisation to new heights.

Our established sectorial expertise and skill gives us our competitive edge. We are hyper focused on the sectors we serve and know them inside out. Being up to date on market trends and latest news ensures we have the insights and knowledge to not only identify the market’s top talent, but also to provide our clients with evidence backed advice and opinion. Our expertise is attractive to candidates – they are more willing to engage with us as we speak their language and can relate to them.

We act as advocates and brand ambassadors for our clients, gaining a deep understanding for their organisation’s culture and needs. We then use these insights throughout the recruitment process to ensure the candidates we put forward are not only highly qualified, but will also be the best cultural fit.

Our Executive Search Offering

Access to our database of the industry's top talent

We use our vast database and personal industry networks to identify the markets key talent. We couple this with our deep rooted understanding of our client organisations when screening these candidates to ensure we find the best fit for both the candidate and our client

Provide advice and consultation

Using our extensive industry expertise and market insights, we provide high level advice and guidance on the specification, candidate profile, selection criteria, terms and conditions of employment and appointment process.

Our Process

Step 1: Establish Criteria with Client

Our Executive Search Specialists meet with the client team to discuss the role, agreeing on the position specification, advertising placement and recruitment approach. This initial meeting outlines factors which will lead to a successful hire, including identifying target organisations and individuals, non-negotiable requirements and desirable characteristics

Step 2: Direct approach through Search Process

Upon establishing our clients criteria, we adopt a direct search approach, using our confidential database and extensive market intelligence and research resources to identify potential candidates for the assignment.

Step 3: Evaluation and Screening of Candidates

We use our industry expertise and knowledge of our clients company, as well as the established competencies to screen candidates and identify the best fit candidates. The Executive Search specialist meets with suitable candidates to verify qualifications and gauge character, before shortlisting suitable candidates and presenting to the client.

Step 4: Presentation of Shortlisted Candidates to Client Team

A report of shortlisted candidates are presented to the client team, accompanied by a detailed assessment and overview of each candidate’s background and strengths/ weaknesses. The Executive Search Specialist will also provide insight into each shortlisted candidate’s renumeration requirements, notice periods etc.

Step 5: Schedule Client- Candidate interviews

Following client selection from shortlist, the Executive Search Specialist liaises with the candidate to organise interviews, and attend, as required by you. Post-interview, the Executive Search Specialist provides consultation and assistance with final selection

Step 6: Reference Verification and Offer extension

The Executive Search Specialist undertakes verifying the successful candidate’s references, as instructed by the client. Upon successful verification, the Search Specialist assists the client in establishing an attractive offer, including a competitive salary and desirable benefits package. The Search Specialist then extends the offer to the successful candidate

Our Executive Search Experts

  • Will NortonDirector

    Will is a Director of Sonas Technical, having previously worked with global firms such as PwC and Glanbia across 3 continents. Will has a BEng from University College Cork and a MBA from the University of Oxford.

    Will NortonDirector
  • Derek ByrneDirector

    Derek is a Director of Sonas Technical. He graduated from the University of Limerick before beginning his career in recruitment. With over 10 years of experience in the construction & engineering industry, Derek has unrivalled knowledge of the market and great relationships with the management teams of Ireland’s leading construction companies.

    Derek ByrneDirector
  • Aimee BurkeLife Sciences & Advanced Manufacturing | Talent Partner

    With a wealth of first-hand experience, Aimee has a unique mix of technical understanding and emotional intelligence that makes her an outstanding Talent Partner.

    Before joining Sonas Technical, Aimee worked with Bord na Móna as Project Test Lead on a large scale business and financial shared services centre Oracle implementation project. This role involved both gathering and defining business processes and ensuring the bespoke solution provided by an external party was fit for purpose for the business.

    Prior to that, Aimee’s acquired over 7 years’ experience working for Uniphar, one of Ireland’s leading pharmaceutical distribution companies, on the introduction of high-end IT solution (SAP).

    Aimee BurkeLife Sciences & Advanced Manufacturing | Talent Partner
  • James HickeyConstruction, Fit-out & Modular | Business Manager

    James graduated from NUIG, having specialised in Digital Business & Analytics for the final years of his degree. Since then, he has worked in business, sales, customer service and recruitment.

    “I got into recruitment because of its exciting and dynamic nature. Helping people, and bringing added value to our clients’ business is a by-product of our hard work, few other careers offer such a bonus in my opinion.”

    Roles James Recruits for

    -Project Managers

    -Operations Managers

    -Quantity Surveyors

    -Project Surveyors

    -Design Engineers

    -Site Managers

    James’s Reviews

    “I couldn’t fault any part of dealing with James Hickey in Sonas. The process from finding my preferred position up to interview and acceptance stage ran very smoothly and he gave me great insight and assurance surrounding the position I took up. I would recommend James to anyone who is looking for a new role within the Construction Sector.”


    “I found James in Sonas excellent to deal with. He was very helpful, anything I needed to know or didn’t have information about he resolved quickly. I would happily recommend James as a recruiter to anyone.”


    “James was a great communicator and found me several interesting prospects in a timely manner. He continued to follow up as I got settled in at my new job. Highly recommended.”


    “I found James in Sonas brilliant to deal with. He was very helpful from the very start and anything I needed to know or didn’t have information about he resolved quickly. I would happily recommend James as a recruiter to anyone.”


    James HickeyConstruction, Fit-out & Modular | Business Manager

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