Posted: October 7, 2022

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Yes we’re biased, but we believe the most efficient way to hire the best employees is by engaging with a recruitment agency! – Here’s why:

1. Access hard-to-find talent

70% of the global workforce is passive talent – if you’re relying on jobs boards and applications, your company is missing out on both volume and quality of candidate

At Sonas Technical, we have access to a unique passive network of technical engineering and construction talent. We can put your company in the spotlight of individuals that are not on jobs boards or LinkedIn, widening your recruitment reach.

2. Get Insights & Market Intel

Specialist recruitment agencies have a unique insight of the jobs market in your industry. Engaging an agency will give you access to the real-time information on salaries and benefits packages being offered in the market.

You can use this information to ensure your business is an attractive proposition for the top talent in your industry.

3. Save time

Time is arguably the most important asset of your senior management team. By outsourcing your recruitment function, a recruitment agency can manage:

  • Initial screening and selection potential candidates for interview
  • Schedule interviews
  • Check qualifications and conduct reference checks
  • Liaise with candidates regarding offers and answer queries
  • Manage the onboarding process

Need to hire quality candidates?

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At Sonas Technical, we are equipped to help you source and hire the best technical talent. We take the time to develop and build solid relationships with those we work with to better understand their needs and enable us to successfully match the right jobseekers with the right employers.

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