Posted: June 10, 2024

Digital twins, virtual replicas of physical assets and systems, are reshaping advanced manufacturing. This game-changing technology revolutionises how companies approach production, maintenance, and product design. As digital twin adoption accelerates, it transforms manufacturing operations and the required talent/skills. Organisations prioritising talent acquisition and development in this area will gain a competitive edge.

At its core, a digital twin is a virtual model that accurately represents a physical object or process. It integrates data from sensors, simulations, and historical records to create a living, digital counterpart that can be used for various purposes, from monitoring and optimisation to training and testing. In the context of advanced manufacturing, digital twins offer a wealth of opportunities to streamline operations, reduce downtime, and drive innovation.

Predictive maintenance: a game-changer for efficiency

A key advantage is enabling predictive maintenance. By continuously monitoring machinery and equipment conditions via sensor data and simulations, digital twins can anticipate breakdowns or issues before they occur. This proactive approach allows scheduling maintenance at optimal times, minimising disruptions and maximising uptime. Consequently, there will be growing demand for data analysts, maintenance technicians, and reliability engineers to utilise digital twins for optimising asset performance.

Process optimisation: streamlining operations and enhancing productivity

Moreover, digital twins optimise manufacturing processes. By virtualising production lines, factories, or supply chains, manufacturers can simulate scenarios, identify bottlenecks, and test solutions without disrupting operations. This allows companies to continuously refine processes, improve efficiency, and enhance productivity. As a result, professionals skilled in industrial engineering, operations research, and data analytics will be crucial for interpreting insights and translating them into actionable strategies.

Product design and testing: accelerating innovation

Additionally, digital twins revolutionise product design and testing. By creating virtual prototypes, companies can evaluate designs, simulate performance, and identify issues before physical production. This accelerates the development cycle, reduces costly physical prototypes, and enables faster iteration and innovation. Consequently, demand will grow for CAD designers, simulation software experts, and VR professionals to create and utilise digital twins for developing cutting-edge products efficiently.

Training and skill development: building a future-ready workforce

Furthermore, digital twins offer immersive virtual training environments replicating real-world scenarios. Companies can provide hands-on training without risks or costs associated with physical setups. This approach enhances workforce preparedness and enables continuous upskilling as technologies evolve. As a result, instructional designers, gamification experts, and VR developers will be crucial for creating effective training experiences to equip the manufacturing workforce with digital age skills.

The future of talent in advanced manufacturing

As digital twins continue transforming advanced manufacturing, the talent landscape will undergo a significant shift. Companies must adapt talent strategies to attract and cultivate the necessary skills for utilising this powerful technology’s full potential.

At Sonas Technical, we recognise digital twins’ critical role in shaping advanced manufacturing’s future. As a leading talent solutions company, we help clients navigate this evolving landscape by identifying and sourcing top talent with the required skills and expertise for the digital twin era.

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As digital twin adoption accelerates, companies prioritising talent acquisition and development in this area will stay ahead and gain a competitive edge. By partnering with Sonas Technical, organisations can access the talent needed to harness digital twins’ transformative power and shape advanced manufacturing’s future.